Cashew Nuts

Cashews come from a tropical tree formally known as Anacardium occidentale
What is Cashew Nut? The cashew nut is a fruit that grows on tropical evergreen cashew trees. The cashew nut is usually eaten without any cooking required, used in recipes, or processed into cashew cheese or butter The tree produces a fleshy, pear-shaped stalk called a cashew apple on its branches. Yet, this part of the plant isn’t the fruit. Instead, the true fruit is a smaller, kidney-shaped structure that grows underneath the cashew apple, also known as a drupe. Inside the fruit is where you find the edible seed that most people know as a cashew nut Thus, because of the plant’s structural configuration, the edible portion of a cashew is botanically classified as a drupe seed. The seed and its outer shell are technically considered both the nut and the fruit, but the shell is inedible due to the presence of a toxic substance. This is why you only ever see shelled cashews at your local market


Our Service To You

We are Gum Olibanum (also known as Luban gum or Frankincense) exporters in Nigeria and can supply and export Gum Olibanum to  buyers in many countries like Dubai, Vietnam, India, and China around the world.” 
Whether you want to purchase Gum Olibanum and have it shipped to any port around the world, our world-class team is built to help you close fast, safe, and profitable transactions on time, every time!

Our trade process spreads across CIF and FOB depending on the buyer’s preference. 

Here’s what they entail: 

1). Cost and Freight (C&F): Here, the seller will handle everything from loading the vessel and shipping the product to wherever the buyer wants it delivered. 

2). Freight On Board (FOB): Here, the seller pays for the transportation of the goods to the port of shipment, plus loading costs, while the buyer pays the cost of marine freight transport, insurance, unloading, and transportation from the originating port to the final destination.

Our Cashew Nuts Trade Specifications are listed below:

Origin: Nigeria
Product Type: Cashew Nuts 
Quantity: Based On Buyer’s Specification
Price: Competitive
Trial Order: 16 Metric Tonnes (One 20 ft Container Load)
Trade Process: FOB/CFR 
Payment Method: 100% irrevocable L/C at sight from a top 50 prime bank
Shipping Time: 15 to 25 days after confirmation of L/C
Loading Port: Nigeria

Outturn: Minimum of 46+ 
Nut Count: 170 to 200 per kilogram
Moisture: Maximum of 10%
Inspection: SGS

Expected Shipping Documents
– Bill of Lading
– Certificate of Origin
– SGS Inspection Certificate
– Phytosanitary Certificate
– Fumigation Certificate
– Commercial Invoice
– Packing List

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